Drinks presentation is particularly important at Christmas, helping to add value to your cocktail menu. Glassware is at the very heart of it, encouraging customers to opt for drinks that they might not normally order at other times of the year. Leading glassware distributor, Artis®, has put together an eclectic and broad-reaching portfolio of glassware that is perfect for creating the right look and feel at Christmas.

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Particularly suitable for the festive season are Gold Banded coupes and gin goblets from the Speakeasy and 1924 collections, by Libbey. The gold-banded coupes illustrated have list prices of £5.05 and £5.67 respectively.

Mixology is a wide range of luxury glassware that includes nine different stemware styles – from brandy and martini glasses to Nick & Nora and shot glasses. Spritzers are very popular at Christmas and the Mixology spritz glass shown costs just £5.30.

Also available in the Luigi Bormioli, mixology collection is Charme, Textures and Elixir ranges, comprising of a Hi-Ball, Double Old Fashioned and matching Decanter in each style.  All are perfect for cocktail presentation or a Whiskey and a large chunk of pure ice in the Double Old Fashioned. The Hi-Ball has a list price of £4.27 with the Double Old Fashioned at £4.17.

Seasonal Christmas glassware picks from distributer Artis
Seasonal Christmas glassware picks from distributer Artis

Bar managers and mixologists could also consider adding a Christmas sparkle to their back-bar operation by investing in a range of gold, copper and brass bar tools. The Artis illustrated price list includes a comprehensive range of shakers, mugs, julep cups, strainers, bar spoons, bath tubs and much more. Take a look at the gold-plated shaker at £20.96 and the gold-plated julep strainer with a list price of £11.85.

The Artis® portfolio contains a myriad of other festive glassware and backbar options, all of which can all be viewed on the Artis website: www.artis-uk.com/download. For your own personal hard copy of the current illustrated Artis price list, call 020 8391 5544.