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> Good news we publicise some of the more uplifting stories that have arisen over the past few months.

> Christmas or cancelled? open or closed? We explore what an unconventional December season could hold in store for hospitality.

> Community support we interview chief executive of Pub in The Hub, John Longden, and discuss the valuable work he and his team have done throughout the pandemic.

> Eggs for everyone we talk to head chef at The Nag’s Head in Somerset, Dan Bolster, to discover why he uses British Lion Eggs.

> Time for a makeover Brewers Association are back advising you on how your beer offering can make you stand out from the crowd.

> Taxation, Insolvency and COVID-19 the financial impact of COVID-19 has been felt far and wide; across many continents and across many industries.

All the latest from the Hospitality sector