Award winning gastropub group Whiting & Hammond is on course to remove 10,000 single use water bottles from its supply chain this year, following the installation of the Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz dispense system across its eight sites.

In each pub, the distinctive Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz bar-top font serves sparkling and still pure filtered mains water, replacing 75cl single use water bottles. Having initially installed the system to provide a premium non-alcoholic drink solution, Whiting & Hammond soon realised the added environmental and economic benefits of switching to dispensed water served in re-usable stoppered bottles.

Paul Worman, Operations Director for Whiting & Hammond, said: “We’re on course to dispense and sell at least 10,000 bottles of water by the end of the year, which means switching to Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz equates to eliminating close to 900 cases of 75cl water bottles from transport, delivery and storage across our sites.

“We additionally make operational savings on storage and chilling, open up fridge space for other products, and as an added bonus we generate near to 100% profit on each sale. It’s good for our business and good for the environment, and customers see no difference in  quality.”

Over and above its standalone water sales, Whiting & Hammond is also seeing the benefits of serving an appealing range of non-alcoholic drinks, made by mixing dispensed sparkling and still water with the Mr Fitzpatrick range of more than 25 botanically infused flavours.

‘A premium non-alcoholic drinks range is increasingly important to our customers, and we’d been looking for something innovative and different to deliver that,” added Worman. “There was simply nothing available to match the Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz solution for flavour, variety and profit delivery.”

The bespoke system, supplied by dispense specialist Brewfitt, is connected to the mains water supply. The system comes with premium branded glassware and exclusive drinks recipes. The combination of cost-effective dispense and premium serves can deliver a category-leading GP of 85% on soft drinks, and close to 100% on still and sparkling water.

Mark Fenton, head of brand for Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz, said: “As an ‘early adopter’ of the system, we’re delighted that Whiting & Hammond are seeing such clear benefits to both their sustainability profile, and to their bottom line.

“The environmental impact of bottled water is an issue of increasing concern, while more consumers than ever are looking for appealing and engaging non-alcoholic drinks. The Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz system addresses both issues for operators of restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and the full range of hospitality businesses.”

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