Don’t get caught without ice this summer, play it cool with ice crusher and ice cube machines from Hendi UK.

Ice crushing is the biggest cause of bar blender breakdowns so invest in the right equipment for the job. The Hendi UK ice crusher produces up to 12kg of crushed ice per hour using its stainless steel blades and durable grinding mechanism. Ice cubes are poured into a large ABS plastic chute on top of the 170mm x 220mm x 460mm unit, are then crushed within the stainless steel interior, and collected in a see-through container beneath that can hold 12 cups of ice ready to be dispensed from a pull-out drawer.

Hendi UK tabletop ice maker

The two sizes of tabletop Hendi UK ice cube machines require no fixed water connection and can produce up to 9kg or 15kg of ice cubes per hour respectively. The smaller model, 320mm x 367mm x 378mm, produces nine cubes per cycle, storing up to 100 cubes. The larger model, 375mm x 435mm x 420 mm, yields 12 cubes per cycle, storing up to 150, so that there will always be ice on hand. Both models can dispense cubes in three sizes.

For more information on Hendi UK’s ice solutions, or for details of other Hendi UK products, visit or call 0333 014 3200.