Sure to be the star of any kitchen, the MARENO Star 110 series from Grande Cuisine provides the ideal solution to creating a central cooking island that makes it simple to work on two fronts where space is limited.

Based on the original and highly successful MARENO range, the Star 110 has been updated and aesthetically redesigned, while technical improvements have increased its power output by 40%, creating a workspace that is not only good-looking, ergonomic, and comfortable to use, but also extremely efficient.

The all-important 110cm wide central block is designed to optimise work organisation with centrally positioned cooking zones, pass-through ovens and bases so that several chefs can work together in harmony. The variety of the range, plus its modular flexibility, allows the Star 110 to offer made-to-measure solutions, with appliances aligned either side by side, or back-to-back, to suit any operation.

The iconic controls, with their unmistakable star-shaped design, are the inspiration for the Star name. An updated design makes them more ergonomic, stylish, sturdy and durable. A raised mark, highlighted in blue, allows the user to quickly determine which setting the knob is adjusted to with a touch of the hand. The new handles blend seamlessly with the modern pressed doors and enhanced grip.

Grande Cuisine promises a versatile solution courtesy of Mareno
Grande Cuisine promises a versatile solution courtesy of Mareno

Gas ranges in the Star 110 range are equipped with high-yield (over 60%) open burners providing rapid power and cooking, ensuring fuel savings of between 20% and 30% a year when compared to more traditional style burners. Press-moulded frying vats come with a generous cold zone that guarantees perfect frying, while the static oven has a cast iron base and provides precise, uniform cooking. In addition, the pasta cooker features a built-in safety system that prevents it from operating without water in the tank. Among other items within the portfolio are traditional style solid gas or electric tops, gas wok ranges, single zone and multiple zone induction tops, lava stones and electric grills, all highly productive, easy to operate and simple to keep clean.

One of the most complete ranges on the market, the Mareno Star 110 offers over 70 different modules giving multiple configurations and layout options that can be tailored to each client’s requirement.

For more information on the outstanding Mareno Star 110 range or for details of other ranges in the Grande Cuisine portfolio, visit or call 01908 745540.