The Sauermann® Si-83 effortlessly pumps away drain water and melted ice, making it a high performance and versatile alternative to gravity-fed drain lines.

Hoshizaki, the world’s leading refrigeration and ice machine manufacturer, has added an external drain pump option to its popular IM series of ice makers to give operators complete flexibility in where the machines are located within a venue.

The Sauermann® Si-83 drain pump is simple to install and integrates fully with the ice maker’s controls and power supply, so if an error is detected the ice machine will turn off safely. As water is drained from the ice machine it is stored in a tank before automatically being pumped to the drain when the tank is full. Featuring a float design that is resistant to fouling, and featuring a stainless steel motor shaft and stainless steel exterior finish, the Sauermann® Si-83 drain pump is built to last. In addition, the pump can also be synced with a mobile app allowing operators to check the level and flow rate.

Commenting on the addition to the IM range, Simon Frost, Director UK & Ireland, Hoshizaki UK said:
“The new Sauermann® Si-83 drain pump gives operators even more freedom and flexibility as they are no longer restricted to locating their ice machine near drains with a gravity-fed line. The drain pump sits beneath the IM machines, so it doesn’t take up extra space and with the ability to pump water up to 1m vertically and 10m horizontally, at a rate of up to 700 litres/hr, it gives operators dependable performance to help improve efficiency.”

The Sauermann® Si-83 is compatible with the following IM self-contained ice maker m; all versions of IM-21 (legs required), all versions of IM-30, all versions of IM-45 and all versions of IM-65.