Guildford, UK. – March 2020 – Global combi oven manufacturer, Convotherm, is once again leading the way with pioneering product developments as they unveil the industry’s only artificially intelligent range of combi ovens, powered by ConvoSense.

This groundbreaking development of product recognition and automatic program controls will help ensure a marked increase in process reliability and food quality, without the need for an operator to press a single button. In fact, the only aspect of manual work that the operator needs to do with a ConvoSense combi oven is to place a tray full of identical food items into the oven, shut the door, and wait for the ConvoSense’s finely balanced algorithms to take control of the entire cooking process.

Functioning in a similar way to the human brain, the unique algorithms of ConvoSense are formed by three elemental capabilities: Recognition, Understanding and Acting – elements, which together, allow ConvoSense to achieve groundbreaking automatic cooking abilities.

The recognition element of ConvoSense is achieved through a highly sensitive optical sensor which scans each individual load as it is inserted into the oven, whilst the understanding element is achieved through prior customer-specific intelligence training which allows ConvoSense to identify each type of load in real time.  Finally, the acting element of the ConvoSense refers to its active assistance system whereby it automatically chooses the appropriate cooking program depending on the type of size food items, and if necessary, instantly warns of inadmissible mixed loads.

Having spent decades developing this complex technology, Convotherm is delighted to have achieved a market first as Steve Hemsil, Sales Director – UK & Ireland, Welbilt, enthuses:

“We are delighted to be breaking waves within the catering equipment industry with the launch of ConvoSense. With this newly developed combi oven technology, not only will operators be able to achieve consistent quality more efficiently and more reliably than ever before, but it will also help to reduce human errors, minimise wastage and ultimately speed up further turnaround time in the kitchen!” 

Also scoring in terms of sustainability, ConvoSense’s revolutionary assistance system automatically selects the optimal cooking program with as little energy and water consumption meaning operators can not only reduce operating costs, but help protect the environment too.

Launching in the UK in 2020, ConvoSense models are ideally suited for restaurant chains and supermarkets that are not only looking to ensure food consistency across their sites, but are also looking to reap the extensive benefits of artificially intelligent catering equipment.