For this month’s edition of On the plate we’re joined by one of the most acclaimed Indian restaurateurs in the UK, Rajesh Suri & the equally impressive Chef Dayashankar Sharma. We were lucky enough to have Chef Sharma cook a dish to inspire our readers. In addition, the pair shared with us the importance of the British Lion stamp.

With over 28 years of culinary experience, Chef Dayashankar Sharma has become synonymous with producing quality food that pairs tradition with contemporary ideas and techniques. He has worked with a number of prestigious brands and has helped to establish several high-profile outlets.

Having held the position of Head Chef for the critically acclaimed Imli, Mayfair Pinnacle and Zaika, Chef Dayashankar Sharma has had a varied career, having also led teams of 12-14 chefs at his most recent position as Indian Food Consultant for a collection of major airline catering companies.

He was also responsible for a host of events and state banquets for foreign Presidents, Dignitaries and Luminaries in his time at the Taj Hotel.


Rajesh Suri & Dayashankar Sharma highly recommend using British Lion Eggs
Delhi-Ki-Chaat from Rajesh Suri & Dayashankar Sharma

Having partnered with Rajesh Suri to launch The Grand Trunk Road restaurant, he continues to explore the heady and rich flavours of India through a well-devised menu comprising of high-quality ingredients and his trademark culinary skills. Chef Sharma has just launched a new menu at Grand Trunk Road, inspired by a recent visit to the World Heritage Cuisine Summit and Food Festival, where a number of acclaimed Indian chefs assisted him in his research.

Have you always used British Lion eggs?

“British Lion eggs have been in my kitchen for as long as I can remember and I consider them an ingredient I won’t do without. A good egg can make or break a dish, and we use them in many of ours, such as the ‘Last Mile Stone’ – a Mango Brûlée or our Almond and Orange cake. Without really fresh, high-quality eggs, these desserts would not be the correct consistency, texture or taste anywhere near as wonderful.”

Why is it important?

“We like using British Lion eggs as we know we are getting quality eggs, made to the highest food safety standards, every time. We go to great lengths to ensure all our other ingredients are the best on the market and of the highest quality. We only use the finest spices and all of the chefs at Grand Trunk Road are trained under me, so why would our outlook differ when it comes to eggs? You’ll only ever see British Lion eggs in our kitchen!”