Aesthetically pleasing is what springs to mind when I think of Redroaster. Incredible interior design, and the best breakfast in Brighton.

Redroaster, Brighton, undergoes a make over and it's stunning
Redroaster, Brighton, undergoes a makeover and it’s stunning

Redroaster re-imagined their cafe at the bottom of St James Street with the help of World Interiors Designer of the Year, Hana Hakim. It’s now a modern, botanical, tranquil space with brunch and lunch available every day of the year from 7am.

The modern interior matched next to the abundance of plant life really does make you feel like you’re on the most luxurious jungle safari. You’ll find gold accents throughout the venue, coupled with the neutral marble surfaces, creating a soft and tranquil environment. This branding is carried through to the tableware, menus and even the packaging of their own coffee beans.

Redroaster is a dream for anyone’s Instagram account (including mine). I’ll also urge anyone to check out their bathrooms, a design feast of geometric tiling, hanging plants and full-length mirrors.

Commenting on the food side of things, the dishes are prepared by their Michelin starred chef. A wide range of meat and veggie options, all very pleasing on the eye and taste buds. But with any venue of this calibre, please do not expect a builder’s breakfast. This brunch spot is always worth a visit, even just for coffee.