The X-Oven, a state-of-the-art, stainless steel charcoal oven that will preserve the authenticity, taste and aroma of a traditional charcoal oven while taking advantage of a modern cooking system, is available from Certa Cooking Equipment.

The sleek and modern oven uses a closed, insulated brazier chamber and a patented grill drawer system which allows the chef to cook different dishes simultaneously at different temperatures, depending on the proximity to the chamber, all the while retaining the distinctive taste of traditional charcoal grilling. The most intense heat is found in the grill drawer nearest the brazier, gradually diminishing in the drawers further away from the embers.

Saving energy, time and space, the oven reaches and maintains an extremely high temperature with no heat dispersion thanks to its side grill drawer system. For safety and efficiency, the porcelain chamber is shut at all times and allows slow ember combustion while preventing flame development. The closed unit reduces charcoal consumption by 80% compared to traditional open-flame grills, and by 50% compared to ordinary charcoal ovens.

The X-Oven’s charcoal is deliberately neutral to enhance the natural flavour of the food, but scented wood chips can be added to individualise the taste. Indeed Certa supplies two such charcoal products:

X-Oven from Certa Cooking Equipment
X-Oven from Certa Cooking Equipment


100% natural lump charcoal, handmade in brick kilns from Quebracho Blanco wood. It burns hotter and longer than other hardwood lump charcoal, with very little ash.


Canutillo charcoal is made using Marabu wood and is recommended for producing the right amount of heat without generating excessive amounts of solid residues and minimizing both spark and smoke production. Adjusting the smoke outlet valve can also affect the taste. A closed valve results in an intense embers note, while an open valve produces a more delicate flavour.

The grill drawer can be opened with the touch of a finger to monitor cooking. Once open, the drawer is isolated from the glowing embers, preventing heat and smoke leakage. An integral fire breaker device avoids the risk of sparks or the output of solid particles. The X-Oven, therefore, provides effortless and safe grill cooking and is easy to light up, adjust, clean and install.

Three models are available. The table-top X-Oven.1 produces 60 300g portions of food an hour from a single grill drawer. The two drawer X-Oven.2 can produce up to 100 portions an hour, while the largest model, the X-Oven.3 houses three G/N 1/1 drawers for maximum flexibility, delivering 150 portions an hour.

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