Recent research from Meatless Farm shows that 65% of British consumers feel anxious about the prospect of visiting a restaurant, pub or bar when they re-open.

  • As such the company has joined forces with restaurants like Vanilla Black, to create an online reopening insight hub with advice from well-known chefs, digital experts and EHOs.
  • Alongside this it has also launched its new professional range of next generation plant-based products for foodservice, adding free flow mince and a new pasta range.

Meatless Farm, the UK’s fastest growing, next generation, plant-based brand, has launched the campaign after conducting research with 2000 consumers which shows the potential for a consumer confidence gap as pubs, bars and restaurants look to reopen.

The ‘We Will Meatless Again’ campaign kicks off this week and includes a new digital hub for chefs and operators, offering valuable advice and commentary from chefs, experts and EHOs throughout the reopening phase. Chefs, including Vanilla Black’s Andrew Dargue, have commented on the pressures they’re facing and how they’re working their way through this turbulent time.

The new research from the British company conveys the anxiety felt by consumers too. It found that 65% of British consumers feel anxious about the prospect of visiting a restaurant, pub or bar when they re-open whilst 60% agreed that the pandemic has made them more conscious about where they will eat out in the future.

‘Consciousness’ when it comes to food has become an important theme. The government’s Covid19 tracker comments on this behavioural change with a view to consumers buying more green and sustainable products.  Increased awareness on health and sustainability are key drivers for plant-based food.

After the successful launches of its burgers, meatballs and sausages into foodservice with partners such as itsu, Greene King, Woods Foodservice and Brakes, Meatless Farm has invested in further foodservice innovation to service the needs and requirements of chefs. Plant-based alternatives are becoming an increasingly crucial part of this sector’s future with one in three consumers stating they’d like the option to “go meatless” on all dishes rather than a separate menu.

In addition to their meatballs, sausages and burgers – which recently changed recipe to use pea protein and are their meatiest products yet, the company is also offering free flow mince (less wastage, better for storage and cook from frozen). Furthermore, they’ve also added ready to heat Meatless Bolognese and Meatless cannelloni – both quick-to-cook and cost-effective solutions for operators, especially if opening on a limited menu or with a smaller team.

Meatless Farm’s innovation is headed up by ex-Unilever food scientist Dr Peter Hynes. Combining a team of chefs and food scientists has uniquely positioned the brand to constantly innovate in a new on-site test kitchen and lab – although much of it has been done from home recently.

Dr Peter Hynes, Meatless Farm’s Head of R&D, comments; ‘Meatless Farm was built on the idea of collaboration and togetherness; We Will Meatless Again is testament to this and our aim is that it offers a level of support. The innovation we’re driving shows our commitment to and understanding of this sector – in addition to the wider change in consumer behaviours. We firmly believe there’s a place on all menus for next generation plant-based alternatives that can deliver on taste and texture.’

We Will Meatless Again will be backed by PR, advertising and social media and running throughout June.