After a year of research, planning and testing, Devon Cove Produce has launched Cove Vodka, Devon’s first potato vodka.

The new, luxuriously smooth Cove Vodka is produced using King Edward potatoes as the base ingredient.  The potatoes are lovingly grown in rich soil on Devon Cove Produce founder Leanne Carr’s family’s farm. The Lidstone family have been growing potatoes in the Atlantic sea air overlooking Hope Cove in South Devon for over 50 years.

Commenting on the launch of Cove Vodka, Leanne says: “After many discussions around the dinner table about the different ways you can cook and enjoy potatoes we decided to take things a step further and make potato vodka. Using the finest Devon potatoes and Devon spring water, combined with small batch traditional copper pot distillation, we’ve created a distinctly smooth and delicious vodka which captures the essence of Devon.”

This exceptional, pure and clean vodka is delicious to drink on its own, with a mixer or as the base spirit in a cocktail. Cove Vodka’s ‘perfect serve’ is poured over ice, with chilled soda water and a squeeze of fresh lime.

As the carbohydrates in the potatoes do not translate into the vodka, and no sugar is added, it is about as low in calories as an alcoholic drink can be.

In addition, Devon Cove Produce has launched Cove Damson Liqueur, a divinely smooth and fruity creation of ripe Westcountry damsons infused with Cove Vodka.