Amongst the disappointing delay of the latest Ashes match due to bad weather we bring some positive news from the previous test match at Edgbaston.

Marston’s Brewery, the official ale partner of Warwickshire County Cricket Club, sold 150,000 pints during the Edgbaston Ashes Test Match, with an emergency delivery being delivered to the ground to keep up with demand.

In preparation for the Test Match, over 1,800 kegs of 61 Deep, Pedigree, Pearl Jet and other cask ale were delivered to Edgbaston. However, this soon proved not to be enough as an additional 350 kegs of 61 Deep were needed in order to keep up with consumer demand, proving to be a firm favourite for local cricket fans.

Kirsty Polmeer, Marston’s Brewery Brand Manager said: “The Ashes Test Match at Edgbaston was a huge success and we continue to be tremendously proud to be the Official Ale Partner for Warwickshire County Cricket Club. Our team did a great job to ensure the emergency delivery arrived on time and no glasses were left empty.”