We chat to JustIngredients to discuss how you can incorporate organic into your venue offering.

JustIngredients, the specialist provider of premium ingredients, is a one-stop shop for quality ingredients that hospitality can trust. JustIngredients offers a wide range of products that can be incorporated into your offering; including, but not limited to, a range of spices, herbs and oils.

What makes JustIngredients so special? It is committed to selling only ethically-sourced and responsible ingredients, which taste great too!

JustIngredients, the specialist provider of premium ingredients, is a one-stop shop for quality ingredients that hospitality can trust

The conscious eater

With the consumer becoming not only more health conscious, but also more ethically conscious, sourcing organic ingredients is the key to keeping customers coming back.

“Organic is a symbol of trust,” explains Sophie Chryssaphes, business manager at JustIngredients. “Wherever you see the organic symbol, you can be sure that the food has been produced to the highest standards.

“Organic standards set out what farmers can and cannot do and place a strong emphasis on the protection of wildlife and the environment. Organic agriculture uses fewer pesticides, the highest standards of animal welfare and no GM ingredients.”


Embracing organic

Organic has become the base standard for most industries in terms of providing ingredients that are better for wildlife and the planet. At the very least, industry needs to be offering organic.

Sophie continues: “Whether it’s sourcing organic drinks for the bar, incorporating organic produce into dishes, or developing an organic menu; every step each company takes (however big or small) enables us to collectively spread the message of organic and in turn, continue to drive growth in this sector.”

With the demand for organic products on the rise, incorporating organic into your business can only be positive for sales too; a survey carried out by the Soil Association for their Organic Market 2018 Report, reported that 43% of respondents think that having organic on the menu makes a restaurant more appealing and they would be more likely to eat there.


Providing the best

With a newly developed website specifically designed to reflect the fast-paced nature of the hospitality industry, JustIngredients is primed to help any hospitality manager or entrepreneur.

She concludes: “We are committed to expanding our range of products, including conventional, organic and Fairtrade ingredients, making good quality and full of flavour ingredients more accessible to catering and beverage companies. This year we’ve launched 26 new organic ingredients and have more on the way before the end of the year.”

To find out more, visit https://trade.justingredients.co.uk/