London Restaurateurs and Vineyard Owners Serve Britain’s Youngest Ever Low ABV Wine

This autumn, London restaurateurs and vineyard owners, The Gladwin Brothers, will become the first to serve up the UK’s youngest and freshest wine in their London restaurants, The Shed, Rabbit and Nutbourne, celebrating the best harvest to date from their West Sussex vineyard, Nutbourne.

Treating guests to a taste of their 2018 Bacchus grape vintage, guests can taste the fruits of the harvest season, as they enjoy a complimentary glass of the UK?s youngest wine ever served in London restaurants.

Low ABV Wine
Best harvest to date from their West Sussex vineyard, Nutbourne.

Made using Bacchus grapes, the wine is served straight from the cask, just days after the grapes are picked, resulting in a cloudy high-sugar, yet low ABV wine. This wine, similar to the German ?Federweisser?, is made by adding yeast to the grapes, allowing it to ferment rapidly. The process, taking no more than 10 days from when the grapes are picked and pressed, results in a refreshing grassy sparkling wine, with notes of apple, pear and elderflower. This one of a kind wine to the UK takes guests on a walk to the wild side of the vineyard, offering a rare chance to try Nutbourne Vineyard?s 2018 vintage, ahead of 2022, for the Nutty Brut or next year?s Sussex Reserve white wine.

Following data from a 2017 Nielsen report, revealing the value of non-alcoholic wine in the UK rising by 66% last year, Nutbourne Vineyards are taking advantage of this latest movement, becoming a leader in the field to create low ABV wine around the harvest season, offering drinkers an alternative.

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This summer’s heat wave has provided excellent conditions for English wine, resulting in one of the earliest and most successful harvests since 2014. In celebration, guests are given the opportunity to preview the 2018 vintage, without having to wait four years to taste Nutbourne?s award winning Nutty Brut sparkling wine and one year for Nutbourne?s Sussex Reserve still white wine. All wines are made from grapes grown on the estate and every part of the winemaking process takes place on site in the state of the art winery. Vines were first planted at Nutbourne in 1980 by one of the early pioneers of wine grape growing in this country. Since 1991 it has been owned and managed by the Gladwin family.

Richard says of the new wine – ?We love a big welcome at The Shed, Rabbit and Nutbourne and this year we are going all out in celebration of the record-breaking harvest giving everyone a chance to try wine in its freshest and youngest form, served within days of being picked from the vine. This is why we?re offering everyone a glass of fermented wine on the house and hope you can join us for our first Harvest Festival of Wine.?

UK?s youngest wine will be available for all guests to try at the below London restaurants:

The Shed | 122 Palace Gardens Terrace | London | W8 4RT
Tel: 020 7229 4024

Rabbit | 172 Kings Road | London | SW3 4UP
Tel: 020 3750 0172

Nutbourne | 29 Ransomes Dock | 35-37 Parkgate Rd | London | SW11 4NP
Tel: 020 7350 0555