Terry Osborne discusses the ins and outs of hospitality insurance and lets you know why it is the best choice.

We all know that in order to run a successful pub, restaurant, hotel or nightclub you must be welcoming, friendly, a good listener, a calming voice in a crisis and most of all be able to get the job done in a safe, professional manner. Do it well and everyone will be happy and your business will prosper. The hospitality industry is a tough one. You must be all smiles on the surface and running yourself ragged when no-one is looking.

Hospitality insurance specialists Terry Osborne
Hospitality insurance with Terry Osborne

We at Terry Osborne Insurance Services are specialist in the hospitality industry. We have been a commercial broker for many years and understand the pressures that publicans and restaurateurs are under. As leisure specialists we have access to a whole bank of insurers offering a range of products to suit any need at competitive premiums specifically to suit your business.

Be prepared

No-one likes paying insurance because the money spent is for nothing tangible unlike a new EPOS till or a modern TV system which will hopefully make you happier. Paying an insurance premium is a safeguard in case something untoward happens like a customer slipping on a wet floor, a fire or flood or indeed anything else that is covered under your policy.  As a specialist in public house, hotel and restaurant insurance we do our very best to ensure that you are fully covered in all aspects of the business. Sadly, it is not until you truly need your insurance that you realise the security that a good policy can bring. In the difficult, litigious climate that we are currently in with, it seems, solicitors chasing every bruised leg for a claim, it is imperative that all relevant cover is in place. A view of ‘it will never happen to me’ is sadly an outdated one as, even with the best intentions, it does.

Working together

As insurance brokers, we can assist you with the smooth running of your business, taking the pressure off and giving you peace of mind. One of the main obstacles we are finding at the moment is that loss adjusters are reporting a rise in under-insurance and as such, we have teamed up with a specialist rebuild cost assessor who can value your property to ensure that you are fully covered in this aspect. We can offer advice on what certificates and procedures you need in place in order to keep you legal and ensure both you, your staff and your customers remain as safe as you are able.

We are seeing an increase in the micropub market.  Small venues with no entertainment and no food – bringing things back to basics with conversation and a good beer.  We have also seen plenty of speciality pubs, drag queens and karaoke bars.  Such a diverse range in the industry deserves a leisure specialist who can tailor make a product to suit your needs and not break the budget.  We do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ product, we listen to what you need, we are welcoming, friendly and a calming voice in the event of a crisis and do our very best to get the job done  – very much like the publican or restaurateur!