Smell the Coffee, On-Trade Progress explores WMF’s latest offering, the 1500 S+ and some of its classics.

WMF, the coffee machine provider, has launched its latest innovative offer; the 1500 S+. With the nation becoming more coffee conscious, and the hospitality industry seeking to provide a quality coffee offering, the 1500 S+ guarantees top quality espresso-based coffee every time.

WMF has been producing coffee machines for more than 90 years and prioritises the needs of hospitality professionals. Reliability, consistency and ease of use are considered during the creation of each of its machines.

We catch up with Richard Wylie, National Sales Manager at WMF. He says: “Hospitality professionals should be aware of their needs and how much training they are able to offer to their staff. Environments with a high staff turnaround are often facing the challenge of having new employees while the quality of the beverage needs to be kept the same.

“Our machines are manufactured in Germany and made to order to meet the specific requirements of every single customer. Our wide range of different sized coffee machines makes it simple to find the perfect solution for every business.”

Richard Wylie says: “The 1500 S+ is our latest machine which has been released in May 2018. It comes with a larger touchscreen than the 1500 S and also uses new technology like the Milk Excellence Sensor or the Dynamic Coffee Assist to ensure best quality at all times.”

WMF’s latest machine comprises convenience with quality, making coffee orders easy for industry with an automatic height adjustable spout and a Choc mixer. The future is here; with the machine’s 10-inch display, waiting staff have access to information on promotional offers, handling videos and nutritional information.

All of the above can be accessed through WMF’s CoffeeConnect, which is linked to the 1500 S+ machine. With this integrated database, hospitality professionals have access to all product and process data, necessary for any sustainable business model.

“The machine makes it easy for everybody to use it and does not require any extensive training,” continues Wylie. “The cleaning process is explained via a video on the screen which enables everybody to perform this task.”

WMF Espresso

With automatic portafilter detection (for both single and double measure espressos), WMF espresso is a machine that brings great quality coffee to any restaurant, hotel, bar or venue. The machine’s automatic portafilter monitors the flow of the brew, alerts the user if the grinding degree needs to adjusted, grinds the coffee and taps it with 100 per cent consistency. 

Wylie adds: “The WMF Espresso is a hybrid espresso machine which enables all staff, no matter what level, to dispense espresso in the same high quality every time. It eliminates common mistakes that can lead to failure.” With the machine doing so much of the work for the hospitality staff, great espressos are guaranteed time and time again. The WMF Espresso has two air-cooled coffee bean hoppers for different varieties of coffee bean (espresso and cafe creme), as well as touch display with a wide range of software setting options. Lastly, it has steam jet to warm up to two cups at the same time.

WMF 1100 S

WMF’s 1100 S fully automated coffee machine is perfect for any small to mid- sized establishment. The stylish machine combines elegance and reliability. With the ability to output up to 80 coffee cups per hour, the machine has a seven-inch touch display that bar staff can use to provide coffee or chocolate-based drinks.

The 1100 S’s daily cleaning process is quick and easy thanks to the Click&Clean function, this also means fresh milk can be used and cleaned thoroughly. With more than five colours to choose from, the 1100 S is a stylish option for any hospitality professional.