As wine drinkers become more discerning about the wines they drink, they are also becoming more demanding about how the wine is served. They expect to drink from elegant, fine wine glasses so they can appreciate the wine at its best. However, this presents a problem for bars and restaurants – breakages. Up till now delicate glassware has been difficult for both staff and customers to avoid breaking.

What’s needed is the finest possible glass that’s also tough enough to withstand a busy commercial environment, including running through the glasswasher. Utopia has launched the solution in the Stem Zero collection of wine glasses with Ion Shielding technology.

The Stem Zero glasses are manufactured by Nude. The quality of the glass is so fine that the wine appears to be floating above the tall and elegant stem of the Stem Zero glass. Yet the Ion Shielding makes the glasses twice as strong as other handmade glasses of similar thinness.

By experimenting with strengthening techniques and suppressing the micro-fissures that cause glass to crack, Nude has developed a special surface modification technology, based on an ion-exchange process. Larger ions are incorporated into the glass’s surface structure replacing smaller ions which cause the strains and stresses. This process makes the Stem Zero with Ion Shield technology the world’s toughest, yet finest lead-free crystal glass.

The Stem Zero range consists of eleven glasses; each designed to enhance the experience of different wines. Champagne flutes are perfectly suited to all sparkling wines with a softly tapered brim to retain aroma and fizz. Graceful aromatic white wine glasses intensify the crispness and elegance of delicate whites. Full-bodied white wine glasses offer a larger bowl, which allow the complex wines to shine. There are elegant red wine glasses for lighter reds, designed to amplify high-tone perfumes. The glasses for powerful red wines have a generous bowl, tapering to a crystal cut edge to capture both the aromas and the bouquet.

Prices start at £30 for the Stem Zero Tulip Flute.

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