The UK’s number one fruit purée brand, Funkin is extending its Innovation Lab programme to include Glasgow at the beginning of August, following the huge success of its past two training sessions earlier this year.

The exclusive workshops that give bartenders hands-on training are being led by the best in the business, Crucible.  Focusing on acids and sugars, Stuart Bale and Alistair Kelsey will focus on the art of balancing cocktail flavours and the role Funkin’s range of products play in creating innovative serves.

“Training is of vital importance when it comes to recommending, creating and serving cocktails,” explains Andrew King, Funkin Managing Director. “Latest CGA data shows that 72%* of people believe that well-trained and knowledgeable bar-staff are important in the decision to drink cocktails and those who are able to advise and guide consumers through a cocktail menu and selection are seen as adding value to the overall drinking experience.”

The free-to-attend Funkin Innovation Labs hit Bristol and Manchester in May and will be arriving in Glasgow on 1st August at Five March, Elderslie Street. Two sessions are available; 11am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm.

The bespoke training content has been developed to challenge and stimulate attendees and act as a prequel to the Funkin Innovation Champion 2018 competition taking place in September.

Funkin Innovation Champion 2017 and Funkin innovator, Aiste Valiukaite, will also participate and demonstrate her unique and exciting cocktail style.

“The Funkin Innovation Labs are educational, inspirational and also a great place to meet other very talented and knowledgeable bartenders,” says Valiukaite. “Continuous and consistent improvement is at the core of every great bartender.”