On-Trade Progress examines how The Deck Tile Co transformed Ramsgate Wetherspoons and what hospitality professionals can do to transform their venue.

With summer firmly here and the World Cup upon us, venues have been scrambling to ensure their outdoor offering is out to scratch. With pub garden culture being so prevalent in the UK, there is no where customers want to be more than enjoying a cold beverage in the, admittedly fleeting, English sunshine.

There are several ways a venue can transform their outdoor space to improve their offering, whether it’s redesigning their patio area, balcony or roof. The Deck Tile Co offer stand out solutions for all hospitality professionals. The company specialise in exterior flooring solutions, and their products are designed for fast, cost-effective installation over most surfaces, including single ply waterproof membranes, roofing felt and other waterproofing systems.

Working well

We catch up with Barry Sheen, the managing director of The Deck Tile Co and Surface 360, who elaborates on a particularly special venue he worked on earlier in the year; Ramsgate Wetherspoons.

Working around the unique venue’s history and surroundings, The Deck Tile Co provided expert external flooring.

“Our brief was to supply external flooring that offers low on-going maintenance, is practical yet smart and in keeping with the surroundings, for example, the beach,” says Sheen. “We used Levato Mono porcelain raised access paving system, timber effect planks Timeless range 400x1200x20mm and the Levato Height adjustable/slope correcting support system.”

Sheen and his team are used to managing and implementing large installations and working to a tight schedule. With only a three-week completion slot, the team worked hard to ensure the job was done.

He says: “This was a large installation, approximately 750m2 so hoisting the material onto the terrace was essential and saved so much time and labour. The works had to be completed in three weeks ready for the launch date so late nights working were a must – and we did it!”

The Deck Tile Co team had to work around a few setbacks, including working around existing trade and being aware of deliveries coming and going too. Sheen continues: “As with many sites, there are other trades we need to work around and with – nothing we couldn’t manage though – all part of the process.”

Great fit

When the work was completed, both Ramsgate Wetherspoons and The Deck Tile Co were happy with the results. Chris Whitbourn, manager of the venue, he remarked on how the surface was very even and done to a very high standard, despite their being chances it could have been slightly bumpy.

He also remarked that the enormity and professionalism of the job implies a very high standard and that “they can take on any job and complete it to an exceptional standard”.

Sheen agrees, he said: “The finished terrace has been admired over and over. The Timeless range has a ‘decking’ feel about it so is perfect for beside the seaside and will remain so for a very long time – no splinters, algae, stains, no weathering etc. The Levato Mono raised access paving system has meant a really attractive external floor has been laid without compromising the waterproofing below.”

Ramsgate Wetherspoons is already seeing the positive effects from the new decking, with Whitbourn exclaiming that “any sunshine sees the space filled with customers and sometimes without!” Moreover, the space which now holds 150 tables can accommodate more than 500 customers, who can all enjoy the space at the same time. Even if, perhaps typical of our wonderful country, it does rain over the summer, the surface has been designed to be sturdy and non-slip, even when soaked.

Decking for all

Outdoor spaces, especially during the warmer months, are one of the main attractions of any venue. They offer a space for customers to enjoy the sunshine, as well as the fantastic food and drink you have to serve. We’ve asked Sheen what advice he would give to hospitality professionals looking to improve their outdoor space.

“Outdoor spaces can be quite quickly and easily transformed using the Levato Mono porcelain system,” concludes Sheen. “Sometimes without too much preparation in terms of costly building works. We can often install straight over the existing membrane or old tired slabs. Porcelain paving has so many benefits and offers flexibility, instant transformation and very low on-going maintenance, therefore, massive over-life savings.”

With venues continuing looking to make their venue more attractive to consumers, companies such as The Deck Tile Co, provide quick, efficient and stunning installations. Every outdoor space has great potential and with summer upon us, there’s no better time to do up your outdoor space for maximum effect.