Aroma Academy has launched an online E-Learning version of its Foundation Sensory Training – bringing training to hospitality professionals across the UK.

Aroma Academy, the sensory specialist, has launched an online E-Learning version of its Foundation Sensory Training – aimed at food and drink professionals. Anyone from distillers, wine producers, brewers, sensory panel members, sales and marketing staff, sommeliers, bar tenders and retail distributors can benefit from the intensive programme.

The original programme is delivered via classroom training only, where industry professionals and enthusiasts test and develop their senses face-to-face. With the launch of Aroma Academy’s E-Learning programme, hospitality professionals can learn at their own pace; any place, any time!

Staying connected

Aroma Academy provides an accompanying Sensory Standards Kit and accompanying online content, which participators of the programme are encouraged to follow along throughout their course.

The company recently released a series of fun Aroma Games last year too, aimed at the consumer market; the perfect gift for sensory enthusiasts – which complements the already established Sensory Training Kits.

For all

Industry professionals across the nation benefit from the training programme, which seeks to further staff knowledge. This knowledge ultimately develops them as hospitality professionals and helps them engage more deeply with customers.

“The company offers the opportunity for the development of sensory skills, a key skill for hospitality professionals,” explains Alan Gordon, CEO of Aroma Academy. “This allows them to engage knowledgeably regarding flavour profiles (and potential flavour problems) with customers, fellow staff, peers and suppliers.

“There is a lot of very good general wine, beer and spirits education and training available from different sources but too often the training, education and development of the key practical sensory skills has been a major missing link. The Aroma Academy has addressed this crucial missing link via a series of self-learn Sensory Kits, Training Programmes and Competency Systems allowing professionals to progress to whatever level they require – in a way and at a pace that suits them best.

“The Sensory Training is therefore complementary to other wine, beer and spirits education and training that is available.”

Market leader

Aroma Academy specialises in cutting edge education in comparison to any other marketing offerings. It offers a greater depth and breadth for those wishing to boost their skills, and delves deeper into the science behind the senses.

Gordon elaborates: “The Aroma Academy has sets of Aroma Standards for various drinks categories including wine, whisky, bourbon, gin and rum, and has created bespoke kits and training for many of the leading international drinks companies.

“The Aroma Academy is also recognised as the company which is training key staff in the leading international companies as well as enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide.”

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