Pantheon has reported a significant rise in sales on its VPM vegetable preparation machine in the first few months of 2018. With continued growth in the demand for vegetarian and vegan food and with an increasing focus on healthy eating, vegetables are becoming ever more prominent on British menus.

Fresh is, undoubtedly, best so investing in a good vegetable preparation machine can reap many benefits in terms of cost effectiveness and time saving, allowing chefs time to create innovative dishes.

Pantheon’s VPM veg prep machine is built to withstand heavy use. Its all metal hopper and base will effortlessly chip, julienne, dice, slice, shred and grate a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and will also turn its hand to softer items like bread, cheese and chocolate. It has a powerful, 500W motor which cuts out instantly when the machine is opened and, to provide additional stability, the unit comes with sturdy rubber feet that grip the countertop.

The plug in unit comes complete with 5 easy to change discs (a 2mm & 4mm slicer & 3 graters) and a wide selection of additional julienning, dicing, chipping, grating and slicing discs are also available.

The VPM is exceptionally simple to operate and also very easy to clean as every part of the body is readily accessible whilst the discs are dishwasher proof.

List price is just £1295.00.