UKHospitality has warned that any increases to PPL’s SFE tariff will place considerable burdens on venues and limit their ability to offer recorded music.

PPL has begun formally consulting on a revised Specially Featured Entertainment (SFE) tariff which would apply to a range of businesses in the hospitality sector such as nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, hotels and bars.

UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls said: “We see no reason why there should be a need to fundamentally change the SFE tariff and increase costs for businesses already struggling against a swathe of taxes.

“It is clear that if PPL’s current thinking were to be implemented it would result in massive increases in licence fees, inevitably leading to higher prices for customers and significantly reducing the ability of establishments across the UK to play recorded music, when mixed by DJs or for dancing.

“UKHospitality will be liaising with our members and other stakeholders to robustly respond to these proposals, to avoid additional costs that would drive music out of venues and ultimately close some hospitality businesses.”