Millennial Demand for Well-Known Table Sauces Explodes as New Generation of Diners Prove Big on Brand Loyalty  

With 72% of 18-35 year olds demanding branded table sauces when eating out (1), America’s number one selling mustard and hot sauce brands (2) – French’s™ and Frank’s RedHot™ – are helping caterers profit from a new generation of brand savvy consumers.  

French’s and Frank’s RedHot have been ever-present on the tables and menus of UK restaurants such as Honest Burgers, Meat Liquor and Domino’s Pizza for some years, achieving close to cult status with millennial diners. New research with 1,000 UK-based 18-35 year old’s by the brands’ owner, McCormick Flavour Solutions (1), has revealed that over 90% consider both to be quality brands with over 85% consumer trust.

In both cases, 70% of millennials – those highlighted by data analysts MCA Allegra as the demographic leading the drive for innovation in the eating out market (3) – agreed that French’s and Frank’s RedHot are innovative brands, with a resounding 90% declaring them to be ‘full of flavour’.

Chris Cannon, Commercial Controller at McCormick (UK) Flavour Solutions comments: “Many of the trends in the UK eating out market have originated from America, so it’s no surprise that French’s and Frank’s RedHot – as the US’s number one hot sauce and mustard brands – have already achieved iconic status with so many diners over here.

“In a marketplace where so many players are competing for spend, millennials are perhaps the most important demographic of diner – 53% have admitted to eating out at least once a week (4).  These people know what they want from the eating out experience and their demand for well-known brands on tables and menus highlights this.”

McCormick Flavour Solutions is turning the tables on uninspiring sauces, giving sites across the UK the opportunity to sample full size bottles to use front of house and in recipes helping them bask in the brand power of two of America’s biggest and most flavoursome exports.

Sites looking to sample French’s and Frank’s RedHot should visit: to claim their free bottle (while stocks last) and view inspirational recipe ideas, today (5).

McCormick Flavour Solutions provides ingredients and inspiration for chefs and caterers across foodservice, supplying a number of trusted brands including: Schwartz, Hammonds, Noels, Bicks Camp Coffee and Old Bay.