Roll up, roll up travellers of the world! This May, Phileas Fogg invites fellow adventurers from around the world to join him at Mr Fogg’s Residence for World Cocktail Day on Sunday 13th May. In celebration of the occasion, Mr Fogg’s will be offering a surprise from each corner of the world upon arrival at his Residence in Mayfair. Each first guest from every country across the globe will be invited to make their mark on Phileas’ world map and will receive a cocktail on the house.

For guests like Phileas, who have travelled far and wide to join him at his humble Mayfair abode, it’s time to make yourself known and pin your country on his world map to receive a signature cocktail on the house. His award winning household staff will be serving a selection of tantalising libations to every new nationality that enters his Residence. With only one free cocktail per nationality and over two hundred across the world, Phileas hopes to make it a full house.

The Mayfair residence of Phileas Fogg is the place to encounter all the wonders of the world, laden with artifacts and trinkets collected from his travels. So when World Cocktail Day hits town, what better way than to celebrate with a cocktail on the house? Trek to the jungle with a Jungle Flora, taking inspiration from the wonders of Phileas’s expedition, served with Chamomile-infused Russian Standard vodka, ginger liqueur, Green Chartreuse liqueur, lime juice, egg white, homemade sugar syrup and citrus foams; or make World Cocktail Day a First Class Hennessy Hurrah with, Hennessy XO cognac, Byrrh Grand Quinquina aperitif, Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter and Dubonnet aperitif, topped up with Fentimans soda water.

About Mr Fogg’s Residence

Mr Fogg’s Residence is a recreation of the Victorian home of Jules Verne’s most famous adventurer, Phileas Fogg. Modelled on the very Mayfair house in which Phileas would have lived after travelling Around the World in 80 Days, the bar is refined, but at the same time truly off the wall, breathing liveliness and fun into the area. Guests are able to encounter all the wonders of the world without setting foot outside of London. As a private man, Mr Fogg’s home is of course well hidden down a small side street off Berkeley Square thus maintaining an element of secrecy. The project from Inception Group, whose founders Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling have also created Chelsea speakeasy Barts, 80’s themed nightclub, Maggie’s, the acclaimed Bunga Bunga, an Englishman’s Italian, Bar, Pizzeria and Karaoke venue, Cahoots, a late night 1940s- inspired bar set in a hidden underground tube station and Mr Fogg’s Tavern, a Victorian-inspired Pub, Gin Parlour and Salon in Covent Garden. Inception Group has also added to it’s portfolio of innovative venues this year, with the addition of Bunga Bunga Covent Garden. The site currently offers BungaTINI, an Italian pizzeria and bar offering Italian produce and the very best coffee. As night falls, those in the know are able to pass through a meat locker door into Bunga Bunga Covent Garden and embark on an experiential journey leading to an all singing all dancing supperclub extravaganza hidden beneath the streets.

Mr Foggs Residence | 15 Bruton Lane | London | W1J 6JD