VII Hills Italian Dry Gin, an innovative, premium juniper spirit which combines seven botanicals taken from the seven hills on which, according to legend, Ancient Rome was built, have signed two new distributors. Going back to their roots they have signed Pallini, one of Italy’s oldest and most important companies in the drinks industry, and Boutique Brands, a luxury based drinks brands development platform in the UK.

Since the 1920’s Pallini has had it’s production site in Rome and is now the only existing distillery making it the perfect match as VII Hills is 100% Italian and flavoured with the finest natural Italian ingredients that once grew on the seven hills surrounding Rome. Distilled near Turin, the inspiration for the ingredients used in VII Hills date back to when the Romans used to add juniper into their wine to help them get an appetite. VII Hills wanted to bring the traditions of Italian aperitivo to London and make the perfect Italian gin for the perfect negroni. Pallini currently exports its products in over 35 countries worldwide.

Created by Italian mixologists, Filippo Previero and Danilo Tersigni, who both have many years of expertise under their belts including in several of the world’s most renowned bars, have signed with Boutique Brands to bring their global market a new wave of gin. Combining juniper, pomegranate, celery, artichoke, blood orange, rosehip and Roman chamomile to create an aromatic spirit with citrus and herbal notes, the premium gin fits perfectly with Boutique Brands’ target market of style conscious millennials who like to try new spirits.

The rounded spirit’s earthy and citrus aroma merges the ancient and modern flavours of Italy creating a unique spirit to be blended into a flawless negroni. Filippo and Danilo have also tested it out in an Italian bloody Mary and an espresso martini based on the caffè corretto culture.