Mibrasa has launched a new range of Grillware tools for use with its charcoal ovens and open grills

Made from the best materials, the versatile and robust Grillware range includes a variety of single and double options including classic, turbot and mesh grills as well as a Smoke and Steam Box that allows chefs to experiment with smoking wood chips, herbs, liquors and more to help add a unique depth of flavour to items on the grill.

The range also includes a Flambadou, which uses a centuries old technique to sear or baste food by scorching rendered fat over an open flame. Not only does this provide a delicious taste, but also gives a visual spectacle for diners.

Reflecting on the launch of the new range Michael Eyre, Culinary Director at Jestic Foodservice Solutions commented: “Mibrasa charcoal ovens and open grills have been a big hit with chefs and I am sure they will relish the opportunity of using the new Mibrasa Grillware range. Using a charcoal oven or open grill really taps into the culinary instincts of a chef and this new Grillware gives them the tools to keep the creativity flowing, whether they are cooking fish, shellfish, meat or vegetables.  The double grills are easy to open, close and flip, enabling speed and agility during service and ensuring the chef is always in control. Grills can also be stacked when not in use, to help with space management.”