Crossip, the innovative non-alcoholic drinks brand, has announced plans for expansion after securing nearly half a million pounds of seed investment

The cash injection will be spent developing the brand’s UK presence, scaling up production, growing the team and expanding Crossip globally.

Since launching in 2020 Crossip has gone from strength to strength, positioning itself as a challenger brand within the rapidly growing No and Low sector. Unapologetically bold, in its branding, ethos and most importantly, its flavour – it is unique within the market. Rather than replicating the taste of alcohol spirits like gin or whisky, Crossip has the mature mouthfeel and flavour profile typically associated with alcohol and therefore can be used to create sophisticated tasting cocktails or simply added to a mixer to add depth and texture.

The flavours were designed by leading mixologist Carl Anthony Brown, who along with drinks industry expert Tim Blake, founded Crossip.

Carl commented: “It’s really exciting to have finalised this investment with some fantastic strategic partners. This really secures our beliefs that the non-alcoholic spirits category has so much more to give. With our partner’s support we are excited to enter new territories, being completely zero, Crossip can truly be available to all non-drinkers.

“Crossip is all about bringing flavour together, whether it is used on its own with a mixer, in conjunction with other non-alcoholic spirits or even alcohol we look forward to expanding the non-alcoholic horizons”.

Investment has come from a mix of angel investors led by strategic EIS investors, including Said Rahmani, who is taking a seat on the board.

Rahmani is a serial entrepreneur and successful investor in a number of fast growing startups turning unicorns. He co-founded Pathlight Technology in 1995 in the States pioneering SAN and Cloud Computing after leaving IBM, held senior roles within Naspers and has since founded several Venture Capital firms with AUMs of more than $1BN.

As part of plans to expand overseas , Crossip is now stocked within Spinney’s, the 25-chain supermarket in Dubai.

Social responsibility is a key part of the Crossip business model. The brand donates 5% of sales to a number of causes affecting modern society, ranging from mental health to addiction.

The Crossip range includes three varieties:

FRESH CITRUS is a complex big, bright fusion of citrus, herb and spice. It opens with top notes of mandarin and eucalyptus. The body evolves into a multiplex of citrus, orange, lemon and grapefruit. The finishing notes are of fiery ginger and a subtle bitterness. Fresh was inspired to create cocktails such as Mojitos cosmos or simply with tonic.

DANDY SMOKE is luxurious, meaty and smoky. A bold opener of sweet smoky lapsang and top notes of pine, the body comes through with a deep fruit, cinnamon and clove. Finishing with spice notes of ginger, chilli and nutmeg. DANDY is inspired by Carl’s favourite smoky, dark spirits. It’s especially good for sour cocktails or with cola and a squeeze of lime.

PURE HIBISCUS has a huge, developed and deep flavour. Opening with floral notes of hibiscus, cubeb and rhubarb, the body develops adding herbal bitterness to the fruit and florals. This complex, bitter liquid finishes with wormwood and cayenne for a long after taste. PURE is inspired by Carl’s favourite Italian bitters and aperitifs. It’s the perfect 0% option for a negroni or spritz.