This July, Scottish rum brand North Point Distillery teams up with online spirits marketplace Caskshare to create an exciting competition for World Rum Day (10th July), with the winner being awarded an entire cask of small batch, high quality North Point Pilot Rum

The prize cask contains around 72 bottles of rum, essentially rum for life with an estimated value of £2,400.

North Point Distillery values the history and people of the land it is built upon. The signature North Point Pioneer Rum is inspired by the adventurous stories and experiences of the local fishermen or ‘North Point Pilots’ who inadvertently travelled halfway across the world. During the 1700s local fishermen faced turbulent whirlpools, treacherous currents. The stories of the pilots and the ships bringing along barrels of rum and spices inspired Struan Mackie and Alex MacDonald, founders of North Point Distillery. Centuries later, founded upon that very land, the brand’s rum is inspired by the fascinating, yet unplanned voyages taken by these fishermen who had the bravery and expertise to confront the fierce and violent sea.

Caskshare shares the pioneering spirit of these hardy seamen, always looking into innovative ways to provide new, unique and hard to find spirits to a wider demographic. Founded upon the innovative concept to democratise spirits, Caskshare takes on the challenge to be the pioneers, enabling spirit lovers to reserve bottles by the casks.

North Point Distillery specialises in making authentic Scottish spirits and distilling them in interesting ways. After using the very finest and sustainably sourced sugarcane and molasses from the Caribbean, North Point Distillery uses local whisky casks from the Scottish Highlands to mature and finish the spirit. The prize cask, a 1-year aged firkin, has notes of tobacco, vanilla, caramel and some candied fruits coming through. The rum will open bright and sweet, with a lovely fruity note, before finishing not unlike a Whisky with a smoky and smooth finish.

‘It is always interesting to work with brands with a story. We feel particularly connected with North Point Pilots who were fearless and adventurous – these are the qualities we strive to achieve – fearless, bold, and explorative in the context of spirits. We would like to let more people get to know such an inspiring distillery,’ commented David Nicol, founder of Caskshare.

Anyone who purchases a share of rum from the Caskshare website, between 7th July – 31st July can be in with the chance of winning a firkin of rum. All entrants must like, share and follow across any social media platform (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) to complete their submission, with both brands encouraging rum fans to tag two friends who they would sail across the Atlantic Ocean with.