A New Kind of Beverage for a New Kind of Consumer

There’s one category in the drinks market that is yet to have its day in the sun: Mid-proof spirits and it’s really going to challenge traditional guidelines.  Introducing LUXLO – For Gin Lovers, a category-creating spirit that delivers exactly what consumers really want; lower ABV, lower-calorie, juniper-led, great-tasting spirits.  

LUXLO is only 28kcal per 25ml serving with an ABV of 20% – making a LUXLO just ½ a unit* per serve. 

All research points to a drinker who chooses lower ABV, lower sugar, lower calories, and full flavour. LUXLO – For Gin Lovers, is going to be the drink of choice for those customers who love gin flavours and want to enjoy their mid-week or weekend drink, without fear of a fuzzy head impacting the next day. They want a healthier kind of fun.   

The stunning bottle is designed to appeal to consumers looking for a premium spirit, adding instant impact to shelves and offering the ideal present to gift (without the need for gift wrap), thus doubling the potential appeal to browsers. There are four varieties to choose from: Ginny, Blood Orange, Pomegranate and Raspberry & Passion Fruit. 

Founded and conceived by Steve Adams following a dramatic lifestyle change during which he lost weight and got fitter and healthier, Steve wanted to continue to enjoy a drink but found the choice was limited.  

“After being unable to find a mid-proof drink that wasn’t too sweet or overpowering in terms of flavour, I decided to create a spirit for the mindful drinker who wanted to drink less but drink better,” comments Steve. 

“Consumer demand for lower ABV drinks is at an all-time high with Gen Z drinking less alcohol and with a preference for quality spirits and high-end cocktails. Although there are plenty of options in the wine and beer categories, there’s nothing in the mid-proof spirit category, unless you want an incredibly sweet sherry, cherry brandy liqueur or cream-based, calorie-laden drink. These were not an option for me, so I began developing LUXLO”. 

LUXLO head distiller Matt Servini worked hard to ensure that the flavour of juniper leads LUXLO and is as detectable to the palate as it can be while maintaining a lower ABV. With nine carefully selected botanicals, all individually distilled, the result is an exquisitely balanced, smooth, light and refreshing, premium quality spirit. 

LUXLO is urging retailers to be part of the movement of the mid-proof spirit and cater for a market that is set to grow rapidly. Meeting the needs of growing food intolerances and lifestyle choices, LUXLO is also gluten-free and vegan.