Online drinks retailer, DrinkWell, reports a sharp rise in sales during the first quarter of 2021

DrinkWell specialises in low calorie and low carb alcoholic drinks, but also caters for other dietary requirements including vegetarian and vegan, gluten free, keto and alcohol free.

Sales for the quarter to the end of March 2021 were up 510% on the same period last year, with its wine range recording an increase of 505% and beers and ciders 520%. The company had over 200,000 unique visitors to its website in Q1, proving the huge demand. The highest volume search phrases being reduced calorie alcohol, sugar free wine and low carb beer, among others.

DrinkWell Founder and Managing Director Tom Bell commented “Online drinks retailing at the start of this year was impacted by unusual dynamics as people set New Years’ Resolutions to give up drinking or, more generally, take better care of their health, and others adapted to being at home for a third national lockdown. Our unique position of offering the UK’s most exciting collection of lower calorie wine, beer, cider, spirits, hard seltzers and low and no alcohol drinks means that we have been well placed to deliver high quality beverages for the increasing number of drinkers who are paying attention to the ingredients and nutritional content of their food and drink and this is reflected in our quarterly sales.”

DrinkWell ensures that the drinks it stocks are of the highest quality and are truly innovative, with the only compromise being the number of calories they contain.

The increased sales were announced as the hospitality industry responded to an apparent leaked report that suggested calorie information of all alcohol will have to be displayed by pubs and supermarkets. “The timing of this story was unhelpful when hospitality is only just reopening and rebuilding” added Bell “but the subject shouldn’t have been a surprise as the Government signalled in July last year that a consultation would be held on its proposals.

“Sugar content in our diet has been under the microscope for some time and we know from our customer feedback that there is a desire for more information to be available so that people can make more informed decisions about what they drink. We have seen a precedent with calories included on food labelling and the so called ‘sugar tax’ on soft drinks to help reduce obesity but the consultation will be a welcome opportunity for everyone to contribute to the discussion on the benefit and practical implications of proposed legislation being introduced for alcohol.”

DrinkWell currently stocks a selection of over 100 wines, beers, spirits, hard seltzers and low and no alcohol drinks which are all packed with flavour and provide a full breakdown of calorie, carbohydrate and sugar content to help customers make better choices.