Annual report includes trends, business models and pricing guides for the post-lockdown bounce back

Aviko Foodservice has released its annual ‘Food Trends 2021’ report to help businesses navigate the latest challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following a year in which hospitality changed in ways that could never have been predicted, this new report delves into the ingredients, trends and consumer habits that are expected in the year ahead, to help operators respond and come out on top in 2021.

The extensive and invaluable report, which can be downloaded at, looks at the nationwide growing desire for plant-based alternatives and global food trends, smart solutions to upgrade your menus, dark kitchens and business models that will pave the way for a profitable future.

Mohammed Essa, Commercial Director UK & Ireland, Aviko, explains;

“The ‘new normal’ is something that all businesses are having to adapt to and though we are hopeful, it will most likely be with us for much of this year. Through the research we believe that consumer expectations are growing and there are changes that can be made to your businesses to ensure a post-lockdown bounce-back from menu updates to pricing strategies that will help you successfully up-sell.”

While many operators are adapting how they can service their diners throughout lockdown, the report offers essential advice to make these new models as profitable as possible. It is no surprise that consumers are keen to treat themselves during these challenging times, but it has been found that they are now more likely to enjoy a mid-week reward and indulge in luxury food items they may not usually buy. Furthermore, while the majority are working from home, offering a takeaway menu that specifically caters to these factors will most likely boost sales.

For more business boosting advice operators can download the report for free by visiting, which along with market insight provides menu inspiration for using on-trend flavours from sea greens to foods high in vitamin D.

Mohammed adds:

“We’ve assessed what will give businesses the welcome boost following lockdown and filled our report with top tips and inspiring advice to get sales back on track in 2021. Although travel is off the cards for a while, the report looks at which world cuisines will be enjoyed from the comfort of consumers’ homes. We also look at the benefits of ‘dark’ kitchens, all the way to the takeaway pricing sweet spot.”

Aviko has been the foodservice’s dedicated potato partner for over fifty years bringing quality and smart solutions to menus all over the world. The launch of the Food Trends 2021 report provides an informative guide to help operators build on the consumer food experience. With a range of chilled and frozen potato specialities made by chefs, for chefs, Aviko’s extensive range includes Hash Browns, Premium Fries, Mash, Appetisers and much more.

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