Hoshizaki is excited to be heading into 2021 with a revamped version of their popular Gram Compact range

Hoshizaki’s new compact range is a professional, space-saving refrigeration/freezer portfolio which now gives operators a new-level of control. This is thanks to the inclusion of Hoshizaki’s smart, advanced controller which provides operators with instant, touch-screen access to a whole host of controls and simplified functions as Simon Frost, Director UK & Ireland, Hoshizaki UK details:

“By adding an advanced controller to our revamped Gram Compact units, operators can quite literally tap into hygiene, service and temperature settings with tremendous ease and can even adjust the temperature of their Gram Compact model according to the food items stored. As such, users can not only feel confident that their ingredients are being stored in a food-safe way, but that the nutritional contents, tastes and textures of these ingredients are preserved in their optimum condition. This is thanks in-part to an efficient refrigeration system, which together with the new, advanced controller, guarantees safe and superior results.”

As with Hoshizaki’s previous Compact range, the new and improved Gram Compact 220 and 420 models are an ideal choice for small kitchens given that both of these models have specifically been designed with space as full focus. In fact, so space-saving are these models that the Gram Compact 220 boasts an exceptionally small footprint of just 596 x 642mm: an ideal size for slotting under a standard worktop, for self-service areas and for satellite kitchens.

Also ticking the box from an energy efficiency point of view, both the Gram Compact 220 and 420 are Climate Class 4 rated, and can withstand ambient temperatures of up to +30°C.

Complete with various practical features such as sturdy stainless steel materials, an automatic de-frost function, removable door-gaskets for easy cleaning, anti-spillage and waste controls, the new Gram Compact range is as safe and easy maintain as it is practical and durable.