FEA lobbying success

BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) has confirmed that the foodservice equipment supply chain will be able to claim additional support if they have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.  The support is in the form of grants from local councils.

The decision follows intensive lobbying from FEA, supported by other trade associations such as UK Hospitality, which successfully argued that businesses that were heavily linked to the hospitality industry should be given special treatment.

As a result, BEIS has said that businesses that supply the hospitality sector can apply for the grants.  The Department has said local councils have the freedom to determine the eligibility criteria for the grants, but it expects the funding to help those businesses which – while not legally forced to close – are nonetheless severely impacted by the restrictions.

“We are delighted that the government has finally agreed that the foodservice equipment supply chain needs extra support,” says Steve Hobbs, chair of FEA.  “I’d like to congratulate the FEA team who, despite repeated frustrations, have never let up in their pressure and efforts.”

To find out more visit ‘coronavirus additional restrictions grant’ pages* at the gov.uk website (https://bit.ly/3nPw7Sl).