Refrigeration experts Williams offer duo of hot holding solutions

As many pubs, restaurants and hotels move into hot meal takeaway, they may need new equipment to feed the new service.  While Williams Refrigeration is best known for its commercial fridges, freezers and coolers, the brand has special expertise in hot equipment, too.

Two of its heated products offer ideal solutions for takeaway operations – delivering safe, constant hot temperature control and practical advantages.  The first is the Scarlet Multideck, a hot food merchandiser that’s ideal for grab and go sales.  The second is the Williams range of Mobile Heated Cabinets (MHC), which are ideal for holding and transporting hot, ready prepared meals.

The Scarlet Heated Multideck is a range of merchandisers designed to deliver an attractive display helping maximise grab and go sales.  The Scarlet features infra-red quartz halogen lamps that deliver consistent, reliable and safe heat.  The heat is instant and uniform, keeping food not only hot and safe, but also in prime condition, at just the right temperature.  The Scarlet will maintain the ideal holding temperature of 65°C – 70°C for pre-cooked hot foods over its three tilted shelves and the interior base.  It offers the added benefit that each shelf, and the base, has its own, individually controlled temperature setting, which can be set to match the requirements of different food types.

As well as being used for grab and go sales, Williams points out that heated merchandisers like the Scarlet can be repurposed as hot hold units to keep meals safe until delivery staff or customers are ready to collect the food.

Williams’ Mobile Heated Cabinets are designed to safely store and transport food away from the kitchen.  For takeaway service, they provide an ideal storage space for hot food while waiting for delivery staff or customers to pick up.  Another key benefit with MHCs is that, if space is limited, they can be loaded in the kitchen then moved to another area and plugged in until the food is collected.  This also minimizes handling, since staff only touch the food packs when loading in the kitchen before collection by either the delivery driver or the customer.

Williams MHCs are available in two models, the 390 litre MHC10 and the 549 litre MHC16, both of which have built-in, easy grab side handles for maneuverability and all round bumper bars for added protection during transit.  They feature fast warm-up technology that brings them up to operating temperature safely, quickly and efficiently.

“Williams is known for its refrigeration expertise, but also packs a punch when it comes to keeping food hot,” says Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director of Williams.  “The industry is adapting to the new normal and repurposing equipment is going to help keep costs down and help foodservice operators survive and, hopefully, thrive.”

Williams Refrigeration offers a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration including gastronorm cabinets and counters, specialist bakery equipment, coldrooms, merchandisers and blast chillers.

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