Utopia’s new toughened stacking glasses are designed for the hard life

Storing, clearing and transporting are all easier and quicker with stacking glasses. Bar staff and customers instinctively stack glasses to save space. But not all glasses can stand up to that kind of treatment, and not all toughened glasses look the part.

Utopia has introduced three new toughened stacking ranges, the Highness, the Timeless Vintage Stacking and the Hill, to bring functionality to the bar without sacrificing style. They are fully toughened and fully stackable.

During manufacture toughened glass is treated so the surface is compressed to balance tension introduced into the glass core. It is this compression that makes the glass strong and much more resistant to breakage than non-toughened glass. Toughened glass also has a greater resistance to thermal stresses.

Get tough, get style, get stacked

The new toughened glass ranges have very different styles, to broaden the appeal to all sorts of venues, themes and drinks. The Highness is a feature tumbler in three popular sizes, long drink, hiball and old fashioned. It has mesh effect patterning to add interest to the service and raise customer expectations. Also available in these three sizes is the Timeless Vintage. With very versatile styling, the Timeless Vintage has a classic cut glass effect for a classy and truly timeless serve. It’s suitable for a variety of drinks from a straight whisky on the rocks to a long mojito with it’s muddled mint and white rum.

Completing the new collections of stacking glasses is the Hill, which is available in two sizes, long drink and whisky. These two glasses are clean cut and refined, for no fuss drinkers and a minimalist presentation.

“Toughened glasses that can be stacked and look stylish are the ultimate combination for busy bars that care about their image and their customers,” says Kathryn Oldershaw, marketing director of Utopia.

Price for Timeless Vintage glasses starts at £2.48 per glass, the glasses are supplied in boxes of 12.

Utopia is the market leader in tableware and glassware for the hospitality industry.  The company’s products are available through distributors.  Alongside a dynamic and innovative range of tableware, cutlery, glassware, plastic drinkware, barware and foodservice equipment, Utopia also offers a specialist branded glassware service.  For more information and details of local stockists visit www.utopia-tableware.com, email info@utopia-tableware.com or call +44 (0) 1246 858800.