In a step to simplify the stocktaking process for restaurants, bars and pubs, weighing scale manufacturer Marsden has launched a scale designed specifically for weighing kegs.

This lightweight, stainless steel keg scale should make determining the amount of beer left in a keg easier than ever before. Just place the keg onto the low profile scale and simply calculate the remaining contents.

By eliminating the guesswork from the stocktaking process, landlords are removing the human error, enabling them to accurately track their inventory. With the Marsden K-100 Keg Scale, business owners can make informed purchasing decisions and avoid overstocking or understocking their cellars. Whether it’s for avoiding unnecessary changes during the bank holiday rush or just for ensuring there’s never a shortage of customer favourites, the K-100 will help revolutionise the stocktaking process.

Mark Holdaway, Chief Executive Officer at Marsden, said: “We wanted to offer a device that could turn stocktaking from a time-consuming, frustrating task to something that is quick and, more importantly, simple to do.

“Landlords don’t want to be stuck in a cold cellar estimating how many more kegs they need – they want to be behind the bar talking to their customers. The K-100 helps with that.”

Mark Coates, Operations Director at Marsden, added: “One of the things we prioritised with the keg scale was to keep it lightweight and portable. We know that kegs are heavy, so we wanted a scale that can be taken to the kegs.

“At only 2.7kg, the K-100 is as light as it can be. And with a battery life of 40 hours, you can really use it anywhere you want – for checking keg weights on arrival and in the cellar.”

The keg scale could even help to minimise the risk of anyone carelessly pouring beer away, drinking on the job or giving away free drinks.

The K-100 can also be utilised during end of tenancy sales to calculate how much the remaining stock is worth.

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