Leading trade associations representing the UK’s pub and hospitality sectors have today written to the Chancellor, calling on him to invest in the future of the great British pub.

The letter sets out the immediate needs for financial support packages, the requirements for stimulating demand from the public as the sector continues to reopen, and the long-term reforms needed for hospitality businesses to flourish once more.

In a joint statement, the trade bodies said:  “The employment, revenue and social value for communities provided by pubs will be vital to the recovery of our economy as we return to a new normal, however, with distancing measures in place, fewer customers and higher costs will severely impact the profitability and survival prospects of hospitality businesses.

Government has already recognised the importance of our sector to British society and the financial support provided over the closure period has been welcome. We now urgently need to extend that support along with the collaboration of industry leaders with Government, to ensure pubs can remain as the essential hubs of their communities.”