Members of the public can now take advantage of two new services from Brakes. The home delivery and call & collect services, called ‘Food Shop’, have been introduced as Brakes steps up its response to supporting the government’s efforts to maintain food supplies to the population.

The services offer over 6000 products including bread, dairy, desserts, drinks, snacks, store cupboard items, fish & seafood, meat & poultry, frozen vegetables, ready meals and more, meaning that consumers can benefit from the same professional products that chefs use, including home essentials and well-known brands.

‘By launching our home delivery and call & collect services we are able to take some of the pressure off local supermarkets and, by offering consumers the option to buy in bulk, reduce the number of shopping trips that they need to make, which supports government advice on minimising social contact,’ said Adam Collett, UK Marketing Director.

To arrange a home delivery consumers simply need to visit, check their post code is within the delivery area and then place an order and choose an available delivery day online. A member of Brakes telesales team will then call to take payment by card. There is a minimum order value of £75 and a maximum of £1000 with consumers limited to no more than 10 packs of any one product.

Call & collect customers should visit, make a note of the products they want, and then call to order and pay anytime between 9.00am and 4.00pm, Monday-Saturday, 10.00am and 4pm on Sunday. Once the order has been placed, the customer is given a unique order number and can collect their order next working day (Monday-Friday). There is no minimum order requirement, however each order will be limited to a maximum value of £1,000 and users will not be able to order more than 10 of any particular product in order to ensure availability remains good for everyone. In line with current government guidance Brakes primary objective is to protect members of the public, colleagues and suppliers, so social distancing measures are in place upon collection and delivery.

Brakes sites in Bristol, Reading, Harlow, Wembley, Aylesford and Hemsworth offer both home delivery AND call & collect, whilst call & collect ONLY is available at Newhouse, Tamworth, Warrington and Thorpe.

Here is the list of Brakes 50 bestselling home delivery/call & collect items:

Brakes Plain Flour
Brakes Fusilli Spirals
Brakes Unsalted Butter
Brakes Salted Butter
Brakes Strong Flour
Alpro Oat Drink
ALPRO Almond Milk (unsweetened)
Brakes Self Raising Flour
Brakes Chick Peas
Brakes Easy Cook Long Grain Rice
Brakes Strong Flour
Brakes Linguine
Brakes Self Raising Flour
Brakes Conchiglie
Brakes Cannellini Beans
Brakes White Bread & Roll Mix
Cirio Passata
Tilda Easy Cook Basmati Rice
Cirio Chopped Tomatoes
Brakes Fusilli Tricolor Spirals
Brakes Plain Flour
Brakes Medium Egg Noodles
Brakes Mature White Cheddar
Brakes Brown Bread Roll Mix
Brakes Macaroni
Brakes Red Lentils
Brakes Broccoli Florets 40/60
Brakes Semi Skimmed Milk
Brakes Tuna Chunks Brine
Brakes Milk Powder
Brakes Peach Slices in Juice
Brakes Fruits Of The Forest Mix
Orchard Farm Baked Beans
Brakes Ready To Serve Custard
GF Plain White Flour
GA Fat Free Mixed Yogurt
Brakes Choice Garden Peas
Brakes Self Raising Flour
Lettuce Iceberg
Brakes Medium Free Range Eggs
Brakes Mature White Cheddar
Chicken Breast Fillets
Chorizo Sausage Whole
Scotts Porridge Oats
Brakes Sunflower Oil
Brakes Whole Spinach
Brakes Raspberries
Lyles Golden Syrup