Westerhall Rums UK is a family-run business based in Canterbury, Kent. They import their award-winning rum from Grenada, The Spice Isle of the West Indies.

The range comprises of five aged rums and two overproof rums that all offer the drinker the real spirit of Grenada in every glass. Steeped in culture and history Westerhall’s story and rum are truly unique.

With such a diverse and delectable range they have something for everyone; their range is tailored to your enjoyment and experience. The waters of Grenada are naturally infused with the spices and flavours of the island such as nutmeg, and during the blending process these are filtered into the rum giving it a distinctively Grenadian spiced-yet-smooth taste and its golden sunset hues.

The result is a range of award-winning, hand-crafted rum like no other.

Rum No.2 – double distilled and aged for two years to achieve a smooth and mellow balance. Perfect in spritz serves and Mojitos.

Rum No.3 – a smooth mixing rum that robusts robust Grenadian flavours. Perfect with ginger beer and fresh lime.

Rum No.5 – silky smooth and effortless to drink. Immensely enjoyable on the rocks and the perfect cocktail rum.

Rum No.7 – Aged for 7 years in new American oak ex-bourbon casks resulting in a dark rum that boasts robust interesting flavours.

Rum No.10 – A 10 year old rum, incredibly smooth and rich in flavours. It has been recognised as an outstanding vintage and is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Westerhall Rums UK will be exhibiting at this years Pub20 show on stand A66 and with rum set to become the next big spirit of 2020 make sure you come and pay them a visit to experience the variety of rums on offer to suit every drinker and occasion.

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