Karaoke and pubs – a match made in singing heaven – and it hasn’t been left behind in the 80’s!

Singa is a new concept, well it’s not totally new, it karaoke but it’s back with a modern twist. Singa is a modern solution for karaoke, background music and digital advertising and venues all over the world are using Singa to provide entertainment, advertise their offers and increase their footfall and customer spend.

Did you know that venues who organise karaoke nights two or three times a month grew their average customer spend by 42% demonstrating that karaoke works as a revenue driver in venues that are not full time karaoke bars.

You don’t have to take our word for it. We spoke to Hogarths in Stafford which is a recently opened pub who’s strategy is to appeal to young people. To bring their concept to life, the pub planned their drinks offerings and cocktails accordingly, ensuring popular gins and rums were available. However, this alone wasn’t enough to attract their target customer group. Hogarths needed a more permanent source of entertainment and settled on the idea of karaoke. They specifically designed and built a room to host their karaoke sessions and we visited them to find out more about why they chose karaoke and Singa as their provider. You can watch the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JREnYIyN9Kw&feature=emb_logo

The Singa team will be making some noise at the PUB20 show next week and we would love you to join us for a sing song (or just a chat) to find out more about how karaoke can help drive your business forward. If you don’t hear us before you see us, we will be on stand B72 and look forward to meeting you there.

In the mean time – Check out our research on the impact karaoke has on pub trading: https://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/Article/2018/10/03/What-impact-can-karaoke-have-on-pub-trading

Not going to PUB20? Contact us anytime for a chat: https://singabusiness.com