Making a point of difference on the tabletop is the Nara stoneware collection from leading UK distributor of table and glassware, Artis®. Part of the extensive Playground collection, Nara provides restaurateurs with the opportunity to differentiate their tabletop, mixing and matching with existing pieces or with other products from the Playground collection.


Playground is a versatile tabletop collection from BHS Tabletop AG (Bauscher and Tafelstern), harnessing the latest gastronomic trends and enabling restaurateurs to create a different mood for every occasion. The range includes literally hundreds of items and features many different types of materials and very modern shapes including colourful stoneware, wood, glass, metal, cast iron, ceramic and leather. Nara is just one of many collections within the Playground portfolio, available from Artis.


The Nara stoneware collection provides a point of contrast with white porcelain and is particularly suited to creating new combinations with existing or new crockery pieces.

Nara is an interaction of colours, shapes and textures. It is available in many different pieces including rectangular platters of varying sizes, round plates, dip dishes, round and square bowls and mugs. All pieces are made with a distinctive semi-matte glaze and come in several colourways including black for that on-trend industrial cast-iron look, but also in grey, brown and dark or light speckled finishes.

List prices range from £5.15 for the dip dishes to £20.87 for the large 30x18cm rectangular platter, with stylish handless mugs at £7.22 each.

Says Gill Head, Marketing Manager at Artis: “Playground is the ultimate mix and match opportunity, allowing our customers to create different effects and ever-changing tabletops. Nara is bang on trend for its contemporary textures and colours. It will enable restaurateurs to refresh their tabletop appearance without changing their main porcelain collection”.