Did you know that you can increase your average customer spend by up to 42% by organising two or three karaoke nights a month?*

We are approaching the busy party season and before you know it, everyone will be singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” too early for Christmas songs? We don’t think so, preparation for the busy season ahead is underway. Don’t miss out on the chance to provide your very own entertainment with Singa, a modern service for karaoke, background music and digital advertising.

Venues all over the world are using Singa to provide entertainment, advertise their offers and events and increase their number of customers and spend.

Here’s what operations manager, Gary Roberts at Amber Taverns has to say about us: “During the development of a new trading concept we explored he options of having a karaoke system that we could utilise for themed nights – whilst also giving our customers the option to use it anytime throughout the day. Singa was the perfect piece of kit with the software preloaded on an iPad, simple to use for the customers and backed up with a superb app. Key trading periods the booth is fully utilised and our research shows the customers that come to the venue for Singa account for 16% of trade at weekends and 6% midweek. We believe without Singa this particular customer base probably wouldn’t even come to the venue – karaoke is the attraction for them”.

For a limited time only, get 2 months at half price on Singa.

What are you waiting for? To book your free demo, please contact Steve on 07748117864

*Check out our research on the impact karaoke has on pub trading: https://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/Article/2018/10/03/What-impact-can-karaoke-have-on-pub-trading

For more information on Singa visit:  https://singa.business/en