Accolade Wines, the UK’s number one wine company, has announced a new on-trade exclusive, the ‘Foodies Range’ from its leading wine brand, Hardys.

Available from the end of April 2019, the new ‘Foodies Range’ will see the launch of three carefully selected consumer favourite wines with artisanal design labels featuring an animal drawing to indicate the wine’s best food pairing.

The range will feature a Shiraz with a cow label, a Chardonnay with a chicken label and a Rosé with a pig label.

Hardys Foodies Choice Chardonnay
Hardys Foodies Choice Chardonnay

The move follows extensive category insight and consumer research showing that wine knowledge in the on-trade in the UK is low. Two thirds of drinkers surveyed do not feel confident about their choice of wine when they dine out and this sentiment is higher in 18 – 24 year olds with 86% stating that confidence is an issue.

David White, Marketing Director at Accolade Wines, says ‘’The new range has been developed specifically for the on-trade to ensure their customers feel confident and knowledgeable about the wine they choose to pair with their meals.

‘’Hardys is the UK’s number one wine brand, loved by 4.7m UK households and is growing at +3.6% year-on-year. The Foodies Range aims to encourage diners to spend more on wine in outlets, through providing consumers and bar staff with simple and delicious wine pairing recommendations for popular menu options.’’

The launch will be supported by print and online advertising, PR and social media. There will be POS support available including glassware and ice buckets.

The range is available exclusively to the on trade and available in Matthew Clark and Heineken from 29th April 2019.