Healthy Hospo founder, Tim Etherington-Judge and wine & spirits specialist, Stephanie Jordon will launch new Calvados brand, Avallen on Wednesday 29th May at Nine Lives, encouraging people to #beepositive.

Born out of a shared passion for traditional spirits and sustainable products, Avallen Calvados has been founded with the intention to re-ignite Calvados, one of the world’s great brandies, and have a positive impact on the wild bee populations in the markets where it is sold.

Founders Etherington-Judge and Jordan explain that Calvados is by far one of the most sustainable spirits in the world made from over 300 varieties of apples and pears, cultivated in a well-orchestrated eco-system whereby the orchards, cows, birds and bees work in perfect harmony. It is this biodiversity that inspired them to build a program to help bee populations around the world with their #BeePositive message, donating €0,50 of profit for every bottle sold to organizations dedicated to restoring and protecting the most important of insects as well as a commitment to plant 100,000 wild flowers over the next 3 years across the globe in aid of helping our forever declining bee population.

In the wake of Sweet & Chilli’s recent human sustainability aim, the partnership with Nine Lives could not have been a better one. In its simplest form, the specialist drinks agency’s profit shares are given to staff on the grounds of providing great service to customers. With businesses obtaining growing revenue and profitability, the money made is reinvested back into the scheme. The new initiative Sweet & Chilli are hoping to maintain longstanding individuals, meaning the money spent on the costly recruitment process can be used in other areas.

avallen brandy sustainable

Human Sustainability goes beyond fair wages; it’s about providing a solid foundation which allows individuals to grow, learn and reap the financial rewards in a fair and driven company. Sweet & Chilli are currently in their last month of their three-month trial of the scheme and have overall given 10% profit to all team members who have been involved in the company longer than three months.

Avallen’s liquid is fresh, fruity and proudly apple forward in its flavour profile. A Calvados AOC aged in French oak barrels for 2 years and bottled at 40% ABV with no added sugar, caramel or boisé. It is made from nothing buy real apples, water and time. Ultimately an accessible yet high-quality liquid with a fresh and innovative take on design for the category, Avallen Spirits aims to shake up the global spirits market and take Calvados off the shelf and into the speedwells and cocktail menus of bars around the world.

Avallen Spirits is a company with environmental positivity at its core. Made from nothing but real apples, water and time, Avallen Calvados is completely natural with no additives or added sugar. The bottle has been selected for its bartender friendliness but also as it is one of the lightest on the market ensuring a reduced carbon footprint from shipping. The label is printed on recycled apple pulp paper (the rest of the pulp is distributed to dairy farmers to feed their herds) using only sustainable dyes minimizing the impact on the environment. Avallen Calvados is produced in La Manche region of Normandy, France, who’s local council have been pesticide free since 2016.