Luxury Coffee, Luxury Environment

You’ve sourced the finest coffee beans, you have state-of-the-art barista equipment and you’ve trained the best staff, but does your furniture reflect all that quality? When you’re passionate about your craft and the product you create, you can be forgiven for thinking that customers won’t mind if the furniture is “functional”. However, unless you’re more focused on footfall than upsell, you could be making a mistake.

Coach house coffee

Creating an environment that encourages people to spend more time on the premises allows you to extend the selling opportunity, why sell one coffee when you could sell two! Also, by offering a comfortable place to gather for social occasions you increase the chance of additional food sales.

Peppermill Interiors are a furniture stockist in the midlands who cater to bars, restaurants and cafés around the country. They carry a wide range of upholstered café chairs, dining chairs, bar stools and lounge seating as well as a wide variety of tables. Whether you are looking to create a more functional setting with café seating and bar height tables and stools, or a more laid-back environment with lounge chairs, sofas and coffee tables, Peppermill have the quality and quantity of product in stock that you need.

To see more of the range of products available from Peppermill Interiors, visit their website at or visit their Staffordshire showroom.