Customer perception is enhanced by the quality of service and the importance of spotlessly clean glass and tableware is crucial.  As well as looking visually appealing, glassware has to be sparkling clean or it can affect the taste and appearance of beer or wine and poorly maintained glasswashers are one of the main sources of cross-contamination within pubs and restaurants.

“Customers tend to drink with their eyes, so correct presentation is essential. Poor glasswashing results will affect head retention (flat beer) as animal fats from crisps and peanuts will kill the head. The head generating logo on the inside base of the glass is now a laser finish and each brewer will determine the correct depth of lasering for their product to produce the correct Head,” says Derek Maher, MD of Crystaltech.

Many glasswasher detergents are too caustic and cause cloudy looking etching on glasses or, are too weak and leave behind unhygienic residual dirt/proteins.

Correct glasswashing is the answer using liquid “Glasswashing Renovate” continuously for those sites that dispense high volumes of cask ale or red wines.  Developments in water treatment and the evolution of Reverse Osmosis has made it economically viable to achieve near perfect results.

Crystaltech has developed its own reverse osmosis system which requires fewer chemicals at a lower temperature to deliver perfect results and can reduce the need for cleaning chemicals by up to 70% as well as removing the need for labour intensive polishing of glasses after cleaning.

How to recognise a dirty glass:

  • Wipe the inside of the glass with a moist white serviette
  • An upside-down glass will show the outer ring as a brown halo and the ‘Headkeeper’ Logo will also be brown
  • Bubbles will stick to the inside of a dirty glass
  • Dirty or unhygienic glasses •?Flat Beer / poor head retention
  • Spots & streaks left on glasses
  • Etching or permanent damage (the customer will perceive this as a dirty glass)

Cures for flat beer / poor head retention

  • Use a reputable good quality glasswashing Rinseaid
  • Ensure that the rinse water pressure is adequate
  • All lagers should be poured in the correct glass
  • Renovate glasses if the problem persists