WiFi is now a standard that consumers expect in any venue now, but besides the benefits of attracting a wider audience like the ‘on-the-go’ workers, WiFi can be one of the most powerful marketing tools in your venue.

What is Social WiFi Marketing?

Going into a venue and logging onto their WiFi network is nothing from the ordinary, and a majority of venues will be using a password that they give out to their customers, but not only does this cause problems of customers constantly asking for the password, it also leaves a lot of potential profit on the table.

However, we’re finding more-and-more venues setting up their WiFi network with a sign-in splash page asking customers to connect to the hotspot via their social media accounts or email address. Using a social network to sign-in is what’s known as social WiFi. Now this may seem like an insignificant difference from the password-based approach, it can be the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool a venue can implement.

When a customer signs-in using their social media platform, they are providing you with an abundance of demographic information. Not only do you get their names and contact information, you’ll also get to see what their interests are so you can work out your demographic. This then makes it much easier to effectively target your customer base with emails, surveys and your own social medias.

How Does This Benefit Customers?

As many know, logging into a venue’s WiFi can be a real hassle – having to twist your neck around the room with your glasses on to find the password on the wall or trying to catch the attention of an already busy staff member.

However, logging in through social media means that the connection is usually confirmed immediately and there’s no way of getting the password wrong as It’s a one-button sign-in option. Some providers take that even further by not only automatically signing users onto the WiFi network every time they return to that venue, but every time they visit other locations you may be running the social WiFi platform, it will also log them in automatically – whether they have been there before or not.