Cold coffee specialities for hot summer days

Iced coffee or cold cappuccinos have become an essential part of many beverage menus. Swiss coffee machine manufacturer Schaerer is now launching an innovative technology: For the first time, automatic preparation of fresh drinks at a new level of quality is available with the “Hot & Cold” in the Schaerer Coffee Soul.

This new feature is expanding the range of coffee to include cold specialities and offers refreshing creations that are ideal for generating higher sales in the hot summer months.

Schaerer Coffee Machine

With the “Hot & Cold” technology in the Schaerer Coffee Soul, Schaerer is underlining its extensive coffee expertise, its feel for market trends and its high standards on outstanding coffee enjoyment.

In the “hot brewed – served chilled” process, coffee beans are ground and brewed conventionally at 90°C, then cooled down to 30°C to 35°C. When the pre-cooled coffee hits the ice cubes, they melt slowly and the drink retains its intense aromatic taste. This principle opens up entirely new possibilities for the creation of a wide range of refreshing coffee specialities.

For milk-based beverages, the patented “Best Foam” milk system supplies cold milk and barista-level milk foam in up to four different consistencies. The recipes are stored on the Schaerer Coffee Soul and selected on the touch display. The Schaerer Coffee Soul, recommended for a capacity of 250 cups a day, combines trend-setting technology with excellent beverage quality. Thanks to its modular design with numerous features and add-on devices, it can be configured precisely for the requirements of the respective area of application. In the course of the year, Schaerer will launch additional features for the Schaerer Coffee Soul which promise maximum coffee enjoyment – including a syrup station for even greater beverage variety.