Play it cool with the range of blast chillers and freezers from Sous Vide Tools. The company’s extensive range moves from a tabletop three-tray option that can chill 9kg of food and freeze 7kg, right through to a stand-alone 14-tray 1/1GN unit than can chill 50kg and freeze 35kg.

The smallest Sous Vide Tools 2/3GN tabletop blast chiller can chill food in just over an hour and freeze food in as little as two. It rapidly lowers food temperatures through the +70°C to +3°C heat range to block evaporation and avoid bacterial proliferation. Preserving the food’s qualities, it triples the time it can be stored safely. The unit can also be customised to chill wine or other drinks to a precise temperature quickly, and can produce ice cubes in just 30 minutes.

The three-tray 1/1GN model can chill 10kg of food from +70°C to +3°C even faster, in just 90 minutes, and freezes 8kg of food from +70°C to -18°C in 240 minutes. The slightly larger five- tray 1/1GN model is also simple to operate, and made from the same easy clean stainless steel inside and out.

The two stand-alone 10-tray and 14-tray 1/1GN units are ideal for busy kitchens. The 10-tray model can chill 40kg of food in 90 minutes and freeze 28kg in 240 minutes, while the 14-tray unit is equally as fast, with a slightly larger capacity.

All models come with a two-year part and labour warranty. For further information, or for details of other products available from Sous Vide Tools, visit or call 0800 678 5001.